Martin Read


From Techno and Hard House to dance and Tech house, my journey as a multi-genre DJ has been an exhilarating experience. Since the tender age of 16, I have passionately pursued the art of DJing, immersing myself in the pulsating beats and infectious energy that electronic music brings.

However, as life unfolded, my commitment to family responsibilities took precedence, causing my DJing aspirations to fade away when I reached the age of 19. The demands of family commitments left little room for me to indulge in my musical passion, and I reluctantly put my DJing dreams on hold.

But, as they say, music has a way of finding its way back into your life. Over the past few years, I have managed to rekindle my love affair with DJing and dive back into the electrifying world of music. The fire that once burned inside me has been reignited, and I find myself once again lost in the rhythm and melodies that define the music I love to mix.

Darren Read


In the late 1990s, my musical journey commenced with Happy Hardcore, a genre renowned for its vigorous beats and high BPMs. The dynamic nature of this style consistently fueled the energy on the dance floor.

As time progressed, my musical preferences evolved, prompting a desire to explore diverse genres. Consequently, I made the decision to transition into the realm of drum and bass, a genre celebrated for its intricate rhythms and profound basslines.

Through continued experimentation, I ultimately discovered my affinity for Hard Techno, characterized by its relentless beats pulsating at 150 BPM.

Resident DJ'S

DJ Black Jack

Saturday 8pm - 10:30pm

If you have a penchant for high-energy tempos, particularly within the 150 BPM range, escalating to an intense 165-170 BPM, characterized by an unadulterated display of hard house filth, then I invite you to accompany DJ BlackJack every Saturday, commencing at 8pm (UK time).

Daz Mac

Friday 8pm - 11pm

DJ Pops

Saturday 1pm - 2pm

Based in Lancashire UK. Music is a great way to communicate. I believe it is food for the soul and has always given me comfort and happiness throughout my life.

I enjoy all genres of music.

It was my son Ian Craven a.k.a. 'Chickens don't fly' that inspired and motivated me, and taught me how to DJ.  He gave me more insight into progressive house, techno etc., and gave me a greater understanding of these genres.

I have got to know some great people while DJing and enjoy my time on ADR.

Tune in every Saturday to hear my style 1-2pm [UK] time.

Chickens Don't Fly

Saturday 2pm - 3pm

Hi, this is Ian Craven also know as Chickensdontfly. I’ve been practising the art of djing for over two decades now and counting, (feel old putting that in writing)!

Originally started on some old purple newmark turntables then to industry standard 1210s and finally entering the digital world!

Started my journey playing hard house with many tracks from Tidy trax and nuqluez filling my record box but over time I’ve mellowed with age but play anything I like from Afro house to techno and everything inbetween!

If I like it and it fits I’ll play it!

You can catch me every Saturday and pop up throughout the year and play longer live sets ranging from 90mins to 5hrs!

Tune in and enjoy the show!

Matt Simpson

Saturday 3pm - 4pm


Saturday 4pm - 5pm

Defenders are a dynamic British music duo hailing from Lancashire, UK. With experience as both D.Js and Producers, Defenders have established themselves as a formidable force in the music industry. Their versatile style draws from a range of genres, from house and techno to progressive and trance. They are renowned for their ability to craft unique, intense productions and D.J sets that gets everyone moving. They are particularly known for their work with the independent record label Are Records U.K, which has helped to showcase their talent and reach new audiences. Defenders are poised to make a lasting impact on the world of Music.

DJ Chris C

Sunday 10am -12pm

Join Chris every other Sunday morning from 10am (UK) as he presents an expertly curated selection of melodic house and techno, seamlessly transitioning into the realm of progressive house. With a profound understanding of these genres and a keen sense of musicality, Chris delivers a polished and professional showcase of the finest tracks in the industry. Don't miss out on this opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of captivating beats and sophisticated melodies.

DJ BizzyB

Sunday 4pm - 6pm

My musical repertoire primarily consists of a masterful fusion of timeless house tracks enhanced by captivating vocal arrangements, complemented by the irresistible beats of funky and jackin house. Furthermore, I am highly skilled in the art of seamlessly transitioning between diverse genres, encompassing Techno, Tech House, Breaks, and Drum & Bass. It is important to highlight that the practice of disc jockeying holds a profound significance in my life, serving as a sanctuary where I find solace and fulfillment.

DnB Kultists

Drum & Bass

DJ Asgrow

Techno Master Class

DJ Panda Le-Remix

Dance/House DJ

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